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1966 Plymouth Belvedere


The Chrysler B platform was the basis for rear-wheel drive Chrysler cars from 1962 through 1979,

The Plymouth B-body series ultimately comprised four cars with nearly identical outward appearances (differing only in trim package, drive train and accessories). These were the Belvedere, Satellite, GTX and Road Runner. The Superbird was a Road Runner with an extended nose and a high-mounted rear wing. It was the only Plymouth B-body that looked essentially different from the others.

There was more diversity in the outward appearance of the Dodge B-body series. The Dodge models based on the B-body were the Coronet, Super Bee and the Charger. The 1969 Charger Daytona was a Charger with an extended nose and high-mounted rear wing.

Models Using the Rear Wheel Drive B Platform include:

  • 1962 Dodge Dart
  • 1960-1964 Dodge Polara
  • 1962-1964 Plymouth Fury
  • 1962-1964 Plymouth Savoy
  • 1962-1970 Plymouth Belvedere
  • 1963-1964 Dodge 220 (Canadian)
  • 1963-1964 Dodge 330
  • 1963-1964 Dodge 440
  • 1965-1974 Plymouth Satellite
  • 1965-1976 Dodge Coronet
  • 1966-1978 Dodge Charger
  • 1967-1971 Plymouth GTX
  • 1968-1975 Plymouth Road Runner
  • 1975-1978 Plymouth Fury
  • 1975-1979 Chrysler Cordoba
  • 1977-1978 Dodge Monaco
  • 1978-1979 Dodge Magnum
  • 1979 Chrysler 300

Five different wheelbases were available:

116 in

  • 1962 Dodge Dart
  • 1962-1964 Dodge Polara
  • 1962-1966 Plymouth wagons
  • 1962-1970 Plymouths (except wagons)
  • 1963-1964 Dodge 220/330/440

115 in

  • 1971-1979 2-door models
  • 1975-1979 Chrysler Cordoba

117 in

  • 1965-1970 Dodges
  • 1967-1974 Plymouth wagons
  • 1971-1974 Plymouth 4 doors

117.5 in

  • 1975-1978 Plymouth and Dodge 4 doors and wagons

118 in

  • 1971-1974 Dodge

B-Bodies in Drag Racing

Super Stock & Nostalgia Super Stock

Big Red Ram - 1965 Dodge Coronet Running Nostalgia Super Stock

The Max Wedge and Hemi B- bodies were dominant in Super Stock drag racing in the mid 60s with drivers like Dandy Dick Landy, Ronnie Sox from the Sox & Martin team, Akron Arlen Vanke, Miss Mighty Mopar Judy Lilly, and Bill 'Maverick' Golden. They are majority of the cars racing in Nostalgia Super Stock today.

Funny Cars

looking for collaboration on B-Body Funny Cars

B-Bodies In NASCAR

Looking for collaboration of B-Bodies in NASCAR

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