1971-1972 Dodge Demon

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1972 Demon racing in the Nostalgia Muscle Car Class
1971 Demon

In 1970 Plymouth was given a new model made from the Valiant -- called the Duster. Dodge screamed foul and for 1971 they got their version, called the Demon. Southern Baptist screamed over the less than Holy name -- and for 1973 to 1976 the car lost its distinctive tail lights and was called the Dart Sport. The Demon was never produced in the numbers the Duster was, although it sold better than the Sport models. The Demon 340 actually replaced the Swinger 340 in 1971.

There is also a 2007_Demon_Concept, which has its own page.


Model Predecessor

1967-68 Dart 2-door sedan

Model Successor

Dart Sport and Sport 340/360

Export Versions

Related Models


  • Chevrolet Nova
  • Pontiac Ventura
  • Oldsmobile Omega
  • Buick Apollo
  • Ford Maverick
  • Mercury Comet
  • AMC Hornet

Body Styles

2 Door Only







  • 225ci Slant Six
  • 318ci Small Block
  • 340ci Small Block


  • A-904 automatic
  • A-727 automatic
  • Three Speed Standard
  • A-833 Four Speed


Length, width, height, wheelbase

Year by Year Changes, Production Numbers, and Cost:


  • First year
  • Sizzler package as well as 340 package
  • Available through Grand Spaulding Dodge with Six Pack (Tri-Power) induction.


  • Last year
  • Low compression 340, available through GSD with a Paxton supercharger

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