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With regards to the MoparWiki, the "Magazine References" sub-section in a Wiki would be where members would maintain a bullet list of magazine articles regarding the topic of the wiki. The reference should include the Magazine title, issue month, and pages. To make a bullet list, start a new line with an *, then a space, and then the reference. Put the next reference on the next line in the same way. For more information on formatting text, see Help Formatting.


* Mopar Muscle Magazine January 2008 pages 31-33
* Mopar Enthusiast May 2010 pages 103-104
* Mopar Collector's Guide December 2009 page 42

It would be very helpful if members would find and list magazine references for a particular subject, as soon as they have finished reading the magazine. These magazine reference citations not only provide authors who will collaborate on developing the wiki with the facts they require, it gives the MoparWiki visitor a place to go for more information on the topic.

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