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{{Template:Underconstruction}} <!-- This entire line is to be remove when page is 75% or better completed -->
{{Template:Underconstruction}} <!-- This entire line is to be remove when page is 75% or better completed -->
== Background == <!-- Do not remove this line As it is a heading -->
<!-- This s an excellent place to put the story of the car model - from design to death -->
=== Model Predecessor === <!-- list the model this car replaced on the next line -->
=== Model Successor === <!-- list the model was replaced by on the line below -->
=== Export Version(s) === <!-- discuss any export versions of this car below -->
=== Related Corporate === <!-- as Dart was to Valiant or Super Bee was to Road Runner -->
=== Direct Competition === <!-- as Maverick and Nova was to Duster -->
== Technical == <!-- Do not remove this line as it is a heading -->
=== Price Class === <!-- use the designation most often used on Vin IE: Premium, Medium, Economy,... -->
=== Platform === <!-- A-Body, B-Body,... -->
=== Available Engines === <!-- list CID/HP and years offered -->
=== Available Transmissions === <!-- list transmissions offered -->
=== Overall Length === <!-- list lengths and year range for each -->
=== Overall Width === <!-- list widths and year range for each -->
=== Height === <!-- list height and year range for each -->
=== Wheelbase === <!-- list wheelbases and year range for each -->
=== Front/Rear Track === <!-- list Front / Rear tracksand year range for each -->
=== Curb Weight ===
== Famous Examples of This Model == <!-- Do not remove this Heading -->
=== Movies === <!-- list movies this model played a significant part in -->
=== TV Series === <!-- list TV Series  this model played a significant part in -->
=== Racing === <!-- list the who, what and where's this model played a significant part in -->
== Owner/Driver Impressions == <!-- Do not remove this heading -->
=== Name of Reviewer === <!-- Replace with you American and give you review below. Other reviewers replicate this section for their reviews -->
== [[References]] == <!-- do not remove this heading -->
== [[References]] == <!-- do not remove this heading -->

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RACY ROAD RUNNER – The Plymouth Beep Beep X-1 concept car, 1964 A sure show stopper, the topless Road Runner concept car for 1969 was called Duster I, and came fitted with a 426-cubic inch Hemi-head engine that produced a whopping 425 horsepower. A built-in roll bar adjusted to match high-speed racing, and spoilers located in the rear quarter panels opened to prevent side-to-side yaw when slipstreaming. Smaller front rock shield spoilers helped to reduce frontal lift. Built on a shortened Road Runner platform, the wheelbase was reduced 16-inches to an even 100 inches, and the car rolled on large H60 x 15-inch tires.

RACY ROAD RUNNER – The Plymouth Beep Beep X-1 a high performance concept of the popular Road Runner muscle car – is being shown in the Plymouth exhibit at auto shows. The Beep Beep X-1 is a two passenger model with a 426 hemi engine under the hood. The one-of-a-kind car is built on the 100-inch wheelbase instead of the 116 inch wheelbase of the standard Road Runner

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