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Screaming Woody in Bradenton, FL 2020

The Screamin' Woody is a 1960 Plymouth 2-Dr wagon, which races in the FX Index of the Nostalgia Super Stock class in Drag Racing.


Screaming Woody in Bradenton, FL 2020


Screaming Woody in Bradenton, FL 2020

The Screamin' Woody was previously the Texas Whale from the time Mark Artis at Texas Thunder Performance finished building it in 2005 until 2018 when Dave Schultz disassembled the car to rebuild after refurbishing or replacing every part. The body was repaired and sanded smooth before taking it to Evansville, IN to be wrapped in the Porche Red and Wood Paneling.

The car was originally a 4-door, Slant Six, with a 3-on-the-tree from California when Dave bought it in 2003. It was taken to Ken Presley of {[Hemi-Time Restorations]] in Conway, AR. Ken stripped, sandblasted and laid a thick layer of high-build primer - before Dave delivered it and a 2-door Sedan parts car to Texas Thunder Performance, in Frisco, Texas in 2004. Mark used the center section of the 2-door post car to convert the wagon into a 2-door wagon. Texas Thunder Performance also built the 4-link and cage; created the Fiberglass molds to cast the bumpers, fenders, hood and Decklid; and the original interior of the Texas Whale.

Dave Schultz won the 2014 National NSS Championship in NMCA in the Texas Whale.

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