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Welcome to the MoparWiki
The Mopar Wiki Site
The Mission
The MoparWiki has the goal of ultimately being the single best source for All Things Mopar. Makes, models, people, platforms, components, racing -- anything Mopar. This is to be accomplished by the collaboration with anyone wishing to improve a MoparWiki with facts or editing for style.

About MoparWiki
MoparWiki was created and is administered by Dave Schultz. The engine running the MoparWiki is the same engine used for the very popular [ Wikipedia]. It allows for any registered editor to start an appropriate article, and for other registered editors to collaborate on the improvement of it. We try to follow a uniform format for consistency. You can get to a Wiki of a specific topic by typing the topic in the search box -- or clicking on a link frond in another Wiki. There are links for a random page, recently updated, or help in the left sidebar. Please take a few moments to read further -- and to browse around. We hope you will assist us with collaborating on existing MoparWikis, from adding appropriate facts (and your reference source) or cleaning up the text and styling.
Featured Wiki
John & Horace Dodge

Despite all of the ups and downs of the Chrysler Corporation -- Dodge has always been able to show an excellent mixture of both dependability and performance with both its cars and trucks. This was initially promoted by General "Black Jack" Pershing insisting on only Dodge Touring cars in his pursuits of Poncho Villa on the Mexican border.

Dodge was the first with an all metal sedan, it set the standard for durability with its WWII Power Wagons, set the standard for racing with its Max Wedge and Hemi engines, set the standard for Muscle cars with the Charger, set the standard for aerodynamics with the Daytona, set the standard for performance with the Viper, and set the standard for "Cross Over" vehicles with the Magnum. While its future with an Un-Holy Trinity of Fiat, the US Government, and the Unions running it being uncertain -- its past as a Make that merged Durability and performance cannot be denied.

John Dodge and Horace Dodge were inseparable as children and adults. They were in fact so close, they they both died as young men in 1920 -- it said the Horace out of grief from the loss of John.

Originally they built bicycles, but in 1900 they formed Dodge Brothers to supply engine and chassis components for Detroit's automakers; with a large contract to produce transmissions for Oldsmobile. John was the Sales/Manager brother, while Horace was the tinkerer/engineer brother.

In 1903, they signed a contract to supply components exclusively to Ford, in exchange for a large share of the company. This arrangement lasted for 10 years -- until 1913 they and Ford had a major disagreement on how Ford's profits were distributed -- causing them to stop supplying Ford and to declare that they would start building cars themselves.

Before the first Dodge Brothers car was produced, they had sign up over 20,000 dealers because of their reputation for quality. It should be noted that while they had a reputation for quality, were among the richest men in Detroit, and very generous in their charitable foundations -- their crude and aggressive behavior kept them from being accepted by the by Detroit elite.

In late 1914, the first Dodge Brothers car rolled off the assembly line and was an immediate hit with the public. For about the same price as a Ford Model T -- a Dodge Brothers had an electric starter, leather interior, a windshield, near double the horsepower, and a far superior three speed transmission. They went from no where to fourth in US car sales.

In January 1920, John died of pneumonia, a complication from the Spanish Flu; and Horace died in December of the same year, also of pneumonia as a complication of the Flu -- but was already dying of Cirrhosis of the liver, rumored to be caused from excess drinking after the loss of his brother. The ownership of Dodge Brothers fell into the hands of their widows, and they chose a long associate of the Dodge brothers, Frederick J. Haynes, to run the company. He signed a contract with Graham Brothers to power and sell their line of trucks. On April 1, 1925, the banking firm Dillon, Read & Company purchased Dodge Brothers from the Dodge widows for $146 million. Read More

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Each Registered User gets his own User Page that he can update with his information, so that visitors to the site get an idea of who the people collaborating on the MoparWiki are. This Page can also be used as your personal web page, which you can link in your signature on forums, or included on your personal business cards (500 at Vista Print for $10).

But most importantly, a User Page is a place where you can practice and perfect your editing skills before taking on major changes of the creation of a wiki. MoparWiki encourages you to become a registered member, to spend a little time playing around with creating your personal User Page, and then to jump in and collaborate on the Wiki pages needing improvement. Read More

Your Help is Requested
To collaborate is for many people to work together to create a finished product. It is not necessary for any one person to complete and entire MoparWiki on his own, nor is it necessary for a MoparWiki to be completed in one sitting. It works best when people improve the MoparWiki one section of the wiki at a time.
Editing for grammar and style is just as important as giving the facts and stating references. People who know nothing of Mopars can still help us out if they have a better command of the English language than many of those who are improving the MoparWikis. If you stumble across a MoparWiki with typos, misspellings, and grammatically incorrect -- please help out with a quick edit to correct.
We are looking for a volunteer with Administrator and programmer experience to help out with the the administration of the MoparWiki web site.
Editing Supervisors
We have an immediate need for a expert Wordsmith to spend a couple of hours a week reviewing pages for corrections, reference citations, and reversing any vandalism.
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Final Words
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